Guest Gift Aways

One question that I often get when we start talking about “favors” or “guest give aways” is; “Is that really necessary?” And the answer is “No” BUT who doesn’t like to get a small gift every now and then? It is quite nice to give your guests a little something as a “thank you for being here today”. I have done a lot of different things as give aways- anything from little bags of sweets to jars of jam, bottles of Schnapps, donations to a foundation of your choice, flip flops and my favorite- the Kitzbühel cutting board! I love it, it’s Austrian, stylish and very useful! Not just something that lays around the house but something that your guests can actually use every day and they will also be reminded of your beautiful wedding and special day together every time they use it! The cutting board is around €17.- depending on size, type of wood and imprint.


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