Children at Weddings

Fun for the SMALL wedding guests

When booking your wedding through “Weddings by Kajsa” you do not need to worry about the competent and trusting supervision of the children attending the wedding. We work closely together with child care suppliers and nannies who affectionately plays and look after your little ones. In that way mummies and daddies can enjoy the festivities and the bride and groom can fully enjoy their big day!

Hello Afternoon-warm up 

With different games and fun the children will spend an exciting afternoon with their supervisors. Whether it’s doing handicraft or dress up motto themes like pirates, Indians, circus or knights. It will keep the kids happy and entertained and well looked after.

Say Good night-slow down

Later in the evening we set up a film corner where films will be shown and the little ones can come down from all the excitement and eventually fall into dream land whilst supervised from their baby sitter.

Our nannies stay with your children until they are all in bed and the parents are all with their children. So no need to keep looking at the clock.

Good morning-wake up

Our supervisors also offer that extra luxury to be able to stay in bed just a little bit longer by taking care of your toddlers even the morning after the wedding. For more information please contact Weddings by Kajsa at