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Hej och välkommen till min blogg! Här kan du följa “Weddings by Kajsas” nyheter men också få ideer och inspiration till ditt bröllop. Jag kommer att skriva om de vackraste platserna i Kitzbühels alper men också om bröllop som jag får följa och om allt som hör till, till en lyckad bröllopsfest. Trevlig läsning!

Bella & Philipp’s Engagement Shoot

Today’s post is about having an engagement shoot or not… featuring one of my sweetest couples, Bella and Philipp. They had an engagement shoot done in Munich before their mountain wedding here in Austria and it is absolutely something I recommend. You get to know your wedding photographer and the way he or she works but also the way that you are with your photographer and how you “work” in front of the camera.

Of course if you are, like many of my wedding couples, not living in the same country as your photographer you could have your engagement shoot done with another photographer to get the feel of it and learn what you would like and what is important to you.

See all photos from Bella and Philipp’s pre wedding shoot here…

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Intimate Weddings

Last winter I had a very special wedding and it was a very intimate one. It was only Cynthia and John and they wanted to celebrate their wedding and their love just the two of them, but they wanted it to be a day they would look back on for the rest of their lives, a day to remember. To combine their passion for skiing and Cynthia’s wish to ski down the mountain in her wedding dress, we planned a romantic wedding ceremony on the ski slope. It was the perfect wedding for them and sometimes it doesn’t have to be a big wedding party but an intimate wedding ceremony where you can celebrate your love can be just as beautiful <3

Photos from Gerhard Groger


Guest Gift Aways

One question that I often get when we start talking about “favors” or “guest give aways” is; “Is that really necessary?” And the answer is “No” BUT who doesn’t like to get a small gift every now and then? It is quite nice to give your guests a little something as a “thank you for being here today”. I have done a lot of different things as give aways- anything from little bags of sweets to jars of jam, bottles of Schnapps, donations to a foundation of your choice, flip flops and my favorite- the Kitzbühel cutting board! I love it, it’s Austrian, stylish and very useful! Not just something that lays around the house but something that your guests can actually use every day and they will also be reminded of your beautiful wedding and special day together every time they use it! The cutting board is around €17.- depending on size, type of wood and imprint.


Have a look at my Pinterest page for more ideas

Same Sex Marriage

Now that same sex marriage has been legalized in the States, today’s post is going to be about same sex marriage in Austria. This is something that I feel very strongly about because I just cannot understand how two people loving each other can be an issue for someone else! At Weddings by Kajsa, we completely support same sex marriage and I’ll just quote this one “Marriage is about Love, not gender”!!

So some of you might wonder if and how same sex marriage works in Austria. Yes!! Of course it’s possible and you can enter a same sex marriage or partnership at the District Authority since 2010 in Austria and hopefully in the near future, just like other marriages, it will be at the registry office. The documents required are more or less the same to other marriages, if you have any questions please send me an email to . A church wedding is unfortunately still not possible but beautiful free ceremonies is always an idea, additional to the District Authority.

I had the privilege to have my first same sex wedding last month and it couldn’t have been more romantic, beautiful and absolutely filled with LOVE! Eva and Stefanie completes each other, that is just the way I have to describe them- they shine when they are together and you can almost feel the love between them! I wish them all the best for their future, it definitely got a lovely start! Stay tuned for their wedding photos. Xx

Wedding Get together

Wedding Weekend

One thing that I love just a little bit extra about weddings abroad is that there is just more time. Guests start arriving a few days before the wedding and you have plenty of time to catch up and socialize with all of your friends and family. Some might even combined it with a holiday or a long weekend away. And where better to do that than in the beautiful heart of Austria where the mountains invite you for gorgeous hikes in the summer and awesome skiing in the winter. Many of my weddings have also had an official “get together” on the night before the wedding where people who have already arrived have a relaxed evening together. This is one of my favorite “get together bride photo”. It’s from the wedding of Florian and Valentyna Sailer who got married in October last year. They had their get together up on the mountain in a cozy Austrian restaurant and their beautiful wedding in one of Kitzbühel’ most stunning wedding venues. The best of both worlds so to say- traditional Austrian and fancy wedding style.

Winter Wedding in St. Johann

Winter Weddings

The summer has almost arrived in the Austrian Alps or at least a very warm and beautiful spring and Weddings by Kajsa can look back on a great winter season with some stunning winter weddings and beautiful couples. I must say I think there is something extra romantic about winter weddings! And we’ve done some very special ones this year, whether it is in the town museum of Kitzbühel, in a beautiful Austrian church or my favorite setting- on the ski slope with hay bales and lots of candles overlooking the valley, they have all had their magic. Here are some of my favorite photos of last season, already looking forward to next year’s amazing winter weddings, will it be yours maybe…


Children at Weddings

Fun for the SMALL wedding guests

When booking your wedding through “Weddings by Kajsa” you do not need to worry about the competent and trusting supervision of the children attending the wedding. We work closely together with child care suppliers and nannies who affectionately plays and look after your little ones. In that way mummies and daddies can enjoy the festivities and the bride and groom can fully enjoy their big day!

Hello Afternoon-warm up 

With different games and fun the children will spend an exciting afternoon with their supervisors. Whether it’s doing handicraft or dress up motto themes like pirates, Indians, circus or knights. It will keep the kids happy and entertained and well looked after.

Say Good night-slow down

Later in the evening we set up a film corner where films will be shown and the little ones can come down from all the excitement and eventually fall into dream land whilst supervised from their baby sitter.

Our nannies stay with your children until they are all in bed and the parents are all with their children. So no need to keep looking at the clock.

Good morning-wake up

Our supervisors also offer that extra luxury to be able to stay in bed just a little bit longer by taking care of your toddlers even the morning after the wedding. For more information please contact Weddings by Kajsa at


Free Ceremonies

I absolutely love outdoor ceremonies! And I love to decorate outdoor ceremonies, or ceremonies in lovely and stylish places like the last wedding I did where we had the ceremony in the beautiful suite in one of the hotels in Kitzbühel. I recently came across an old rustic farmhouse door and with the help from a talented “woodworker” I had the perfect decoration for ceremonies but also great for photo booth backgrounds or as for an upcoming wedding to use for the placement seating plan.

G_G_3376 G_G_2678 470

Here are some more lovely ceremony ideas that I’ve selected on Pinterest: